If, like me, you watched this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert and shed a tear, you’re certainly not alone. The outpouring of praise for ‘The Beginner’ is proof indeed that John Lewis have struck the right chord with the nation by creating a heartfelt story to raise awareness of children in care.

For the past 12 years, the launch of the John Lewis Christmas advert has signalled the start of the festive season. What has made this year’s advert arguably the most successful yet, is the way in which they have been sensitive to the mood of their audience. At a time when people are facing unprecedented challenges, John Lewis have dialled up their empathy to understand exactly how their audience are thinking and feeling in order to deliver a memorable message that reminds everyone of what truly counts at Christmas. The tone of voice is pitched perfectly as John Lewis go back to basics, replacing product placement with a powerful story that focuses on family and those small acts of kindness.

So, as the countdown to Christmas commences, follow John Lewis’ shining example and take practical steps to win your audience’s hearts and minds. It’s only by having your finger on the pulse and understanding what truly motivates your target market at this challenging time, that you can cut through the noise, differentiate yourself and deliver your key messages with impact.