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Who We Are

Our Training Approach

Diadem’s approach to commercial skills training and coaching is based on real world experience fused with tried and tested theory. We give people the practical tools and relevant ideas to become commercially fit, agile and resilient so they can go FAR and achieve the extraordinary.

We Use Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

We base all our training and coaching programmes on EQ principles. As EQ practitioners, we believe that up to 45% of job success is down to EQ (Dr Martyn Newman). Our clients often report this as their favourite differentiator. They experience the full impact of EQ through our delivery style and the practical tools and advice we give them to help develop their own EQ in an authentic way.

We Don’t Just Tick The Boxes

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf, one size fits all training programmes. We build every training programme around your personal needs and requirements. We understand that to become a true commercial athlete you need an individual approach to training and coaching that will unlock your commercial confidence allowing you to achieve your personal best.

We Coach For Success

We’re big believers that practice really does make perfect. Developing commercial skills, just like learning a new language or running a marathon, takes ambition, hard work and practice. We always encourage follow-up coaching to help embed new skills, boost confidence and improve performance.

Our mission is to increase the amount of commercial confidence in the world.

  • We care about the specific needs of our clients and the results we deliver
  • We share our insight, expertise and experience
  • We are fair and collaborative, finding the best options to meet your needs
  • We dare to be different with training that delivers real world impact.

We have a proven track record of success, working with over 75 clients across a broad range of industries including: Food, Drink and Non Food, Banking, Technology, Professional Services, Publishing, Media, TV, Defence and Travel.

To find out how we can help you become a commercial athlete, please contact us.


Diadem is proud to have been recognised as an ILM approved centre (Institute of Leadership and Management).
ILM is the UK’s leading awarding body specialising in leadership, management, coaching and mentoring qualifications. Almost 70,000 people register for an ILM qualification every year.

Diadem is delighted to have partnered with Practicology to develop our Digital Confidence programme.
Practicology provides eCommerce consultancy to omnichannel retailers, consumer brands and their investors.


If you’d like our support with a particular project, please get in touch.

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