What Makes Us Different


We combine best practice commercial tools and techniques with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) principles – the set of social and emotional skills that are most effective at influencing others. This gives you and your people the ultimate competitive advantage.

The benefits of EQ include:

  • Stronger relationships
  • Heightened responsiveness to change
  • Raised levels of confidence and control
  • Increased employee loyalty and commitment
  • Greater resilience
  • More commercial success

What We Believe

Success starts with the right mindset

Great commercial athletes stand out from the crowd by developing these 4 beliefs:

relationships count

The more I invest in a relationship the more powerful and mutually beneficial it becomes. The best ideas and results come from great relationships.

keep striving

Elite is not a destination. It’s striving for excellence ongoing. Drive and ambition helps me be more successful. I focus on hard work, constant improvement and staying the distance to achieve my potential.

together is better

I know I go further when I work collaboratively with others – with teams and clients. I know I improve when other people improve. Lone wolves don’t win.

hungry for the next

I’m always seeking out new ideas and ways of working to help me perform at my best. I know honest and constructive feedback helps me flourish.

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