Today marks the release of Diadem CEO Nicole Soames’ fifth book, ‘The Emotional Intelligence Book – how to develop your EQ to lead a more successful life.’  A practical guide to developing your emotional intelligence to help you understand yourself, influence others and navigate the world around you.

Nicole, a leading EQ practitioner with more than 30 years commercial experience, takes the reader on a journey to develop their self-awareness, social skills, self-management and ambition. Explaining her motivation for writing the book, Nicole said, I was determined to share my knowledge and expertise with others, to open their eyes to the power of emotional intelligence and why it holds the key to leading a more successful life.”   

The book showcases why emotional intelligence has become an essential skill in today’s business world and gives easy-to-follow guidance on how to use it to thrive in your professional and personal life.

Praise for The Emotional Intelligence Book

 “This book is an impressive toolbox, jam packed with actionable models and practical tools for building emotional intelligence.” Dr.Martyn Newman, Chairman Roche Martin 

 “Nicole masterfully breaks down emotional intelligence into its cores competencies – self-control, self-confidence, optimism, adaptability, and empathy to name but a few – making it easy for you to hone these invaluable EQ skills on a daily basis.” Amy Chapman, Country Manager, Beiresdorf

 “This book is a game changer – you’ll learn why emotional intelligence really is your greatest differentiator” – Duncan Macdonald, Chief Technology Information Officer, Hyperoptic

 “What sets The Emotional Intelligence Book apart from other books, is its focus on ACTION. Nicole’s bite-sized approach to learning includes easily executable steps to inspire change, build your EQ muscle memory and make a real impact on your life.” Kelly Whiteside, Global Head of Culture and People Development, Afiniti