With just 18 days left in the countdown to Christmas, it can be tempting to kick back those heels, ease yourself into the festive period and write off the rest of the year. High performers, however, take advantage of every opportunity to achieve real business results. So, resist the temptation to take your foot of the pedal and follow these 3 steps to help you make the final push of 2021 really count!


1. Get your head in the right place

The secret to making 2021 end with a bang not a whimper is to keep stretching your comfort zone. By constantly pushing yourself and raising the bar, you will reap the rewards of greater commercial success. Rather than assuming your customers will be too busy to talk business in December, adopt a winning mindset and contact your most important customers – making it easy for them to say ‘yes’ by planning for and having a confident commercial conversation.


2. Get next steps

We all know how frustrating it can feel to be stuck in business limbo not knowing where you stand. The danger of this status quo can be two-fold – either you resort to overselling in an attempt to get closure or you are too nervous to say what your think.  So be confident and take control of the situation by clearly stating what you think the next steps should be, such as “Let’s agree a date for the project meeting.” This way you will be able take the pressure off your customers as they’ll have one less thing on their to-do list.


3. Get things done

Finally, as the festive season commences, it’s essential to stay focused by prioritising that workload. Don’t be tempted to put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Remember that the last two weeks of December and the first week of January actually account for almost 7% of the working year. By banishing procrastination and getting the most out of this time of year, you’re sure to get 2022 off to a flying start.