The Three Secrets Expert Presenters Don’t Want You To Know!


At some time or another, we’ve all been captivated by an expert presenter at work. Articulate, confident, inspiring – they hold the audience in the palm of their hand. Surely they’re naturals, born to perform and take centre stage? As an actress on the stage and screen as well as a public speaking coach who has worked with hundreds of clients, I can reassure you that behind every polished performance there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.

So to help you conquer your stage fright and present with confidence and flair, here are my top three secrets that expert presenters don’t want you to know….


Secret # 1

Take the time to structure your content:

I strongly believe that structuring and preparing any presentation is absolutely key.  Not only is it a great way of helping me remember my presentation, it also gives me a general framework so even if I forget specific points I can stay on track. It can be very tempting to rush the preparation stage of your presentation and focus on the actual delivery instead, as this is the element that worries most people.  But experience has proven to me that, taking the time to structure your content will help keep your audience engaged, as Mark Twain said, “It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”


Secret # 2

Everyone needs to practice

This is so important and may sound obvious but you’d be amazed how many people don’t do it properly. Simply rehearsing mentally is not enough, I always stand up and speak out loud. This way I get used to the sound of my own voice. I also find that practicing like this helps me link my words with my body language so I can give a more convincing performance. The next step is to try presenting to one or two colleagues. This helps boost confidence so you feel comfortable interacting with others. Finally, if at all possible I always try and practice in the space where I have to deliver my presentation.


Secret # 3 

Think about what you eat and drink before a big presentation… 

Experience has taught me that tucking into a large three course meal just before you have to entertain an audience can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. You don’t want to feel sleepy because your body is using all your energy to digest! Similarly, I try to avoid too many cappuccinos immediately before a big presentation as although caffeine can facilitate creativity and productivity, it can also trigger jitters, dry mouth, and a flighty memory.


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Author: Nadia Koch



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