The Power Of A Confident Mindset



It’s not often that you have a week packed with high profile sporting and political events that so powerfully show the importance of developing a confident mindset. From the grass courts of Wimbledon to the corridors of Westminster, both Murray and May demonstrated, in their own individual ways, that self-belief truly is the key to success.

So with Andy Murray crowned Wimbledon Champion for a second time and Teresa May taking over the reins of power at No 10, what learnings can we take to help us build a confident mindset that prepares us for the challenges ahead?


1. Be Positive

As Henry Ford so wisely said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. Theresa May demonstrated this positivity during her leadership campaign when she said, “My pitch is very simple. I’m Theresa May and I think I’m the best person to be Prime Minister of this country.” Successful people are able to silence their inner gremlins (those negative thoughts that undermine our self-belief) by focusing on the positives instead. May appeared unflappable throughout the leadership campaign and this reinforced her positioning as a “safe pair of hands” in times of uncertainty. This highlights the important role body language plays in achieving a confident mindset. Just as it’s difficult to say something negative with a smile on your face, the opposite is also true. To build a winning mindset your body language, tone of voice and inner chatter all need to be positive. Murray had this winning combination during his finals match against Raonic where his focus, control and self-belief were clear for all to see.


2. Be Solution-Orientated

The second step in building a confident mindset is adopting a solution-orientated approach to life. This is the ability to anticipate problems and make a plan. In the case of Theresa May, she knows she will have to lead the country through the Brexit negotiations and rather than viewing it as a poisoned chalice, as some commentators have suggested, she has vowed to forge a new role for Britain out of the EU. Being optimistic and taking decisive steps forward not only builds self-belief, it inspires confidence and optimism in others. This is clearly extremely important for May as she seeks to unite the UK following the Referendum.


3. Be Proud

The sight of Andy Murray standing tall in Centre Court holding the Wimbledon trophy, is a powerful reminder of the crucial role pride plays in building a confident mindset. Being proud of yourself, your team and your work are powerful ingredients that drive success. As Theresa May embarks on her first days as Prime Minister she needs to build pride in her new Cabinet and more importantly the country as a whole. A great way of achieving this is to visualise what success looks like. So whether it’s entering the door of Number 10 or playing the winning shot on Centre Court, by picturing what good looks like you are more likely to develop a winning mindset that sets you apart from the competition.


Finally, as you follow these three steps to build and maintain a confident mindset, don’t forget the important role support plays in underpinning this process. For Murray, his team of coaches, friends and family as well as the crowd played a vital role in keeping him focused on the task ahead. The same is true for Theresa May, whose supporters and members of the Conservative Party will help her steer a course over the coming months as she delivers her vision for the country.


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