“Man on the Moon” – John Lewis’ Winning Formula


Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a heartwarming John Lewis advert. For the past eight years, John Lewis has expertly crafted powerful stories that connect and engage with their shoppers on an emotional level, kick-starting the festive shopping season. This tried and tested formula seems to go from strength to strength, with “Man on the Moon” promising to be their most successful advert yet with over 11 million views on YouTube since it launched on Friday. So what’s the secret of their continued success?


Building A Lasting Partnership:

We believe a key element of John Lewis’ success must be their commitment to building strong and lasting partnerships with their agencies. John Lewis has partnered with the advertising agency Adam&EveDDB since 2009 to create a distinctive house style for their adverts. By working with your suppliers over the long term in this way and sharing a common objective, you too can develop deeper insights and, as in the case of John Lewis, reap the rewards of greater success.


Genuinely Working Together:

One of the secret ingredients for success in a partnership is working together with your suppliers throughout the journey as if they are an extended part of the team. Building a relationship based on trust and respect encourages open and honest conversations and creates an environment where people can keep performing at their best. In our opinion, the strength of John Lewis and Adam&EveDDB’s partnership probably lies in their mutual understanding of the brand and their collaborative approach to communicating the brand’s key message of “thoughtful gifting” in a creative and consistent way. The fact that John Lewis is itself a partnership ensures there is a culture where honesty is encouraged; as partners themselves, all of the John Lewis employees understand the importance of treating their third parties with fairness and respect.


As Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft once said, “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”  Do you have a story about the power of partnerships? If so we’d love to hear it!



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