When was the last time you helped someone over the finish line?


The sight of Alistair Brownlee helping his younger brother Jonny cross the finish line at the World Triathlete Championship in Mexico is an enduring image that reminds us all of the importance of great sportsmanship.


Alistair didn’t hesitate to forfeit his own chance for personal glory for the sake of his exhausted brother and went on to say, “If it happened to anyone I would have helped them across the line because it is an awful position to be in.” This example of fair play highlights yet again the invaluable lessons we can learn from the sporting world to help us raise our game in the world of business.


There’s No I In Teamwork

In today’s competitive market, with employees feeling under greater pressure that ever to perform, it’s tempting to feel you need to do whatever it takes to win. In reality, winning at all costs and particularly at the expense of colleagues or suppliers creates a culture of distrust that is damaging in the long term.


So when you’re next negotiating terms with your suppliers or closing that important sale, remember – as the Brownlee brothers so clearly demonstrated – there’s no I in teamwork. Instead try to level the playing field by forging relationships based on mutual trust and respect that deliver real value for both parties. After all, as Michael Jordan so wisely said, “Talent wins games – but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

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