A Coaching Pep Talk For The England Team: World Cup 2018

With World Cup excitement reaching fever pitch ahead of tonight’s match between England and Tunisia, what advice should the England Team follow to help them adopt a winning mindset?

As a commercial skills trainer and coach who has helped thousands of people become commercial athletes, here are my coaching top tips to help you raise your game whether you are competing on the football pitch or in the business world.


Be Bold

As the third youngest squad ever, England need to draw on their energy and courage as they go into the first match of the tournament. As Gareth Southgate remarked, “They have a hunger to press forward and win the ball back. They want to play brave football and be a bold and attacking team.” This ability to be front footed is crucial to success in the corporate world – after all being proactive takes confidence and confidence is contagious.


Learn from the past and then bounce back

In the case of England, it would be easy to dwell on the fact they haven’t won an opening game at a major tournament since beating Paraguay at the 2006 World Cup. However, as Southgate said, “history can help us in terms of understanding what we can improve upon and what we can do better but this team shouldn’t be burdened with it because they’re a fresh group.” Whatever your walk of life, the ability to bounce back from setbacks by taking the learnings and focusing on the future is the key to standing out from the competition.


Stay Focused On the End Goal

I’m a big believer that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. England need to have the presence of mind to stay calm by drawing on their weeks and months of preparation to help them stick to the game plan. This can be easier said then done, particularly when you are performing on the world stage. By preparing for different scenarios, whether it’s on the pitch or in a meeting room, you will reap the rewards of improved performance, for as Gareth Southgate said, “This team is looking at things in a different way, trying to play in a different way…They’ve got to be thinking about what is possible.”


So as you settle down tonight at 7pm to watch the match, remind yourself of the importance of drawing on your courage, confidence and optimism to help you achieve the extraordinary. Come on England!

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