3 Ways Mindfulness Can Drive Your Performance



In today’s increasingly demanding world, where the boundaries of professional and personal life are constantly blurring, the ability to focus your mind and bring your attention back to the present is easier said than done. How many times do you find yourself scanning your emails as you wait for a friend in a restaurant or answering a quick work call in the evening when you should be unwinding after a day in the office?

As someone who is guilty of doing both of the above, it was a real pleasure to attend the launch of clinical psychologist and EQ specialist Dr. Martyn Newman’s “The Mindfulness Book ” and gain even greater insight into how developing a peaceful and focused mind can help you reach your peak performance.


The Power Of Mindfulness
Newman’s new book powerfully shows that the ability to live in the moment is crucial to being able to fulfil your real potential. All too often we worry about past mistakes or focus on the uncertainty ahead of us, when in reality we can only change our behaviour in the present.


So here are 3 ways to lead a more mindful life and achieve your personal best:


1. Being Mindful Reduces Anxiety

As Mark Twain famously said, “I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” So if you’ve spent hours agonising over something that never happened, you are certainly not alone. While moderate levels of stress can enhance your performance, prolonged periods of stress have been shown to limit your potential. Being mindful helps you to focus on the present so you gain a greater sense of self-control. The act of mindfulness itself has been shown to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure thereby reducing stress levels. By soothing the body and calming your mind in this way, you will feel more emotionally balanced which will enable you to manage any anxiety and boost your productivity.


2. Being Mindful Develops Your Self-Awareness

As EQ qualified trainers and coaches, we understand better than most that the key to improving your performance is greater self-awareness. Mindfulness allows you to monitor your feelings and emotions so you can gain greater self-knowledge and change your behaviour. It is only by understanding your own feelings and experiences that you can get greater insight into those of others. It’s therefore not surprising that people who lead a more mindful life have seen huge improvements in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to build strong relationships that drive performance.


3. Being Mindful Improves Your Focus

In this digital age with so many different demands competing for our attention, it can be easy to operate as though we are on automatic pilot. We all know how it feels to get to the bottom of a page in your book and realise you can’t remember a word you’ve read. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for improving the mind’s ability to stay focused on the task in hand. By developing a peaceful and focused mind, you will gain greater clarity and improved decision-making ability that will enable you to reach your peak performance.


The great news is that anyone can train their brains to become mindful – it just takes practice and commitment. For further inspiration on how to lead a more mindful life visit http://martynnewman.com/themindfulnessbook/



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