3 Steps To Help Re-energise Your Team



Returning to your desk after a holiday can be energy-zapping for the most dynamic of us. So how do you help your team beat those holiday blues and feel re-energised and motivated about their work ahead?

At Diadem we know that unlocking people’s commercial confidence is the key to driving performance. As a great believer in practising what we preach, I wanted to share with you how I create energy, passion and drive in my own team.


1. Understand What Makes Your Team Tick

I firmly believe that understanding my team’s individual drivers is absolutely key to being able to motivate them. By this I mean consciously trying to work out what makes each of them tick. I then try to take this into account whenever I interact with them. For example, some of my team have different work life balance requirements than others, so I try to offer them as much flexibility with their hours as possible. Other members of my team need more of my personal time and input – the secret is gauging how much support I need to give each individual so they feel equally valued and motivated.


2. Create Energy In Your Team

At Diadem, we believe our high-energy approach differentiates us from the ‘usual’, so I truly understand just how important it is for a CEO or manager to boost the energy levels of their team to maximise business performance. An approach that has always worked for me, is to involve the team in the direction the business is going. Giving your team a sense of ownership and responsibility is energising – it allows them to feel positive about the opportunities available to them, for as Helen Keller said “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. Another way I ensure my team remains passionate and motivated about the work they do is by using the principle of plan, do, review. This enables my team to continuously evaluate their performance so that they feel they are always progressing.


3. Remember To Play To Your Team’s Strengths

My final piece of advice is optimise your team’s performance by playing to their strengths and giving them the opportunity to stretch themselves. Remember as Brian Tracey, author of “Eat that Frog”, said, “You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new”. By pushing my team to go that extra mile, I know they will reap the rewards of increased confidence and sense of self worth.   So whether it’s encouraging one of my team to run a workshop on their own for the first time or present at a conference, I try to use the appropriate level of push and support to move them out of their comfort zone into their stretch zone so they become true commercial athletes.





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