Account Management

Strong Account Management

Our Strong Account Management programme is designed to ensure rigour and discipline into the annual planning cycle.‬

‬We will help you become a Strong Account Manager by working with you to:‬ ‬

  • Understand in detail your customers and their needs‬‬
  • Conduct rigorous analysis of your business to understand where the opportunities lie‬
  • Create commercial confidence in your people‬‬
  • Synthesise brand, channel and customer strategies to devise strong business plans‬‬
  • Build a strong implementation plan to inspire your customers‬‬

“From day one, Diadem have been a delight to work with, operating as a natural extension of our team, working together as we continue on our journey to unlock our people’s full potential.”

Gareth Smyth – Sales Director, Lucozade Ribena Suntory

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